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When processing end of year payroll do I have to change the print settings to pay end date again and process when i have kept the pay end date and date paid the same. I have corrupt files every year after i have done this and it takes a really long time to process.



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    Welcome to the Reckon Community Sharon,

    The EmpDupe file and Payment Summaries are prepared on a Date Paid basis, regardless of the Print setting you have chosen.  The Reconciliation Report and payslips are prepared on the basis of your Print settings - by default it is set to Pay End Date, and that is the basis most users prefer.  If you want to verify the EmpDupe file to the Reconciliation Report then both must be on teh same date basis - ie,Date Paid.

    Where your Pay End Date is the same as Date Paid (for the last pay of a FY and the first pay of FY) then the two reports should be exactly the same.  

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    thanks John
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