Reckon API (RAH) is too slow and becoming unreliable

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Hi Team,

The Reckon Hosted Account API is not working quite well.

I'm trying to send a Sale Receipt to API, it takes near 30 Sec for sending only one record, and if it takes more, I get timeout error and this ends up to send duplicate transactions.

 Also, sometimes I have an error (Error connection to Reckon Account) in the middle of a process (without any reason) and the problem is this record already went to Reckon but I get the error and send it again!

It's getting really annoying, as it happens sometimes without any known pattern.

Can you please help and advise.



  • Jason HollisJason Hollis Reckon Staff Posts: 615 ✭✭
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    Hi Mehrnoosh,

    There is no reason that the call should be failing, so please email us the user ID and file name so we can investigate.

    As for the speed, there are lots of technical reasons why the process is slow. Primarily that this is a desktop SDK at work in a hosted environment, and hence it is not uncommon for a call round trip to take over 30 seconds. Remember, although this may look like a RESTful API, it is not.  Each time a call is sent it has to find the company file on our server farm, open it, run the desktop API, process the contents of your RESTful request and return a response. 

    If the call takes over 180 seconds to receive a response you should be returned a RetryLater message. See our FAQ page.

    The FAQs page also has notes on how to filter calls. We also recommend you batch your qbXML where possible (so 1 x call, many entries).


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