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greg edelmaiergreg edelmaier Member Posts: 3
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I am trying to backup by Reckon Hosted file, and when I select backup to B: drive or Q: drive, the page freezes, as it seems Reckon is unable to find either oif those drives, through this Process.  Any Ideas ?


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,785 Administrator
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    Hi Greg,

    Does this occur every single time you try to backup? 

    Could you please try logging off the remote session and then logging out (use the logout option) and then try again after a few minutes.

    Does the same problem persist?
  • greg edelmaiergreg edelmaier Member Posts: 3
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    Thamks for the response, The issue is that each time I do a  verification of my data, it stops at 57%, and then crashes. I have logged out, tried to rebuild also, but that crashes at 56% .  Any ideas?  The Rebuild process takes a back of the data, but it is too big 477mb, I need to get i under 250mb, and I beleive the verification process will do this, uless you know of another way to reduce my back up file?
  • Jeff LangtipJeff Langtip Member Posts: 32
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    Is there a reply to this one, its 4 months old???
  • Tirzah HillsTirzah Hills Member Posts: 5
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    This is still a current issue. We are experiences issues with the backup getting to 65% then crashing.
    We are trying to get this sorted before 2017 file dissappears.
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