RECKON ONE - How do I receive payment for an invoice?

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Hi all,

This video focuses on steps to receive payment from your customers in Reckon One. Check it out and let us know if you have any questions.


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    I don't get it? Receive payment and you type it into the invoice? Don't you wait for the payment to appear in your transactions, then link it via reconciliation to the relevant invoice(s)? If you do the above method, won't you have a doubling up. A transaction that you cannot reconcile to anything? 
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    Hi David,

    This particular video outlines the manual process for receiving payments.

    If you are importing bank transactions via BankData or an export file, then allocating the payment to an open invoice will carry out the above process for you.

    For more info on processing downloaded bank transactions, we have another video on this here - 
    (Currently shown in the older Reckon One style, but will be updated)

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    Really annoying you cannot view full screen as nothing is clear and I find it very difficult to see what is going on its just blurry. 
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    The videos above are embedded but if you'd like to watch them in fullscreen just click the 'Watch on YouTube' option which will open the video on the full YouTube site and give you more options eg. fullscreen etc.
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