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Since last week we have not been able to email anything from the email list in Reckon Desktop.

We go through the process of selecting the payslips to email and then it normally brings up the screen with the payslips ticked to send.  This screen is blank.

The same thing happens when we want to email statements.

Also normally when we create an invoice or sales order which is to be emailed it also comes up in this list.  These are not showing now either.

Can anybody help?

Thank you.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,894 Administrator
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    Hi Natalie,

    If your Send Forms list is blank and not showing emails then it means there is a corrupt email somewhere in the list which is preventing other emails from showing. 

    To resolve this you'll need to go through the process outlined in this KB article -
    Send Forms list is blank and there are no Payment Summaries to email

    Unfortunately it can be a time consuming process depending on how many emails you need to clear from the list but is the only way to clear the corrupt element.
  • NatalieNatalie Member Posts: 29
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    Thanks Rav.  This has fixed our problem.  It took about 20 minutes.
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