printing payment summaries with zero payg

Carmela TavasciCarmela Tavasci Member Posts: 6
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I have some employees with zero PAYG but I still need to produce a payment summary for them.  I DONT have a tick next to exempt from payment summary under their profile. WHAT CAN I DO IN ORDER TO PRINT THEIR PAYMENT SUMMARY?  My concern also is the ATO file EMPDUPE may not have them included either.  When I print a reconciliation statement they are on there but no where else....
Please help


  • Nicky WrayNicky Wray Member Posts: 71
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    Carmela, when that happened to me last year, I had to put $1 tax in the last pay of the year and then it would generate a payment summary. Hope it works for you.
  • Carmela TavasciCarmela Tavasci Member Posts: 6
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    thanks for that, that definitely helped...
  • ChrisChris Member Posts: 15
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    Yes, I have had the same problem, only I manually entered .10c in the last pay and then it will print a payment summary but won't show any tax paid as it is less then $1



  • Tanya BriggsTanya Briggs Member Posts: 63
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    To check if they are included in the Empdupe, create the empdupe file then open it using Notepad.  Print it to paper (not really legible on the screen) then you can identify each employee included and the amounts included for each one.  I edit a pay to deduct $0.01 tax to get a PAYG Payment summary to generate.

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