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Okay I have just discovered that I have not registered my software ID with ATO Access manager, which I have today. But unfortunately I'm in a pickle as I have uploaded my weekly STP through my Reckon Portal with ATO Errors.  How/What do I need to do to resubmit my wages back from the beginning from July. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Karina.
    I had the same issue. Because the softeware was not registered the ATO will not be able to process  your files. You can re process the stp file to correspond with the missing dates.
    Go to the employees tab, click on "process single touch payroll" change the date to one of the missing dates, in your case start with the first pay run for July check the full replacement box, then when you choose lodge change the "json" file name slightly. For example I add an "A" to the name so I know which file to submit. For example on pay run 2nd July I would use STP-20180702A.json then re submit to ATO 
    Cheers Tony
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    I tried that this afternoon but my July pay dates didn’t show up on my options, only showed August dates! Is there anyway to retrieve July dates !
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