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I have been working on Reckon Accounts Hosted recently and I encountered several questions.
Can I link part number to supplier?  How can I link an items to supplier so that when I found the item is at low stock, I can directly create purchase order from the item page rather than create one through normal process.


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    Hi Gong

    You can add the "Preferred Supplier" in the Item setup, however this is really an info-only field for reporting & doesn't automate anywhere.
    You can also enter a "Reorder Point" quantity on an Item which - among other Reminders (under Preferences) - you can choose to have display when you open your company file.

    As a tip, I usually have my Item List grouped by Supplier (by creating the Supplier as a main Item Header then each part as a sub-item)
    This allows you to view your entire Supplier's List of Items when in an Item column & to be able to display/print specific Supplier Item Lists also. 

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