I trialled Reckon Hosted but it wasn't suitable. How do I now get my files back into Reckon Busines

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I trialled Reckon Hosted but it wasn't suitable. My internet Connection is too slow. How do I now get my files back into Reckon Business 2018. Before my  Hosted Trial period expired, I saved a portable backup file to my desk top.  I downloaded Reckon Accounts Business 2018 and when I try to restore my Portable file I get a message saying that the file was created in a newer version of Reckon.  Both were 2018.  Is there anything I can do to restore the file.  I don't really want to redo all the work I did on hosted.  Kind Regards. Leanne   


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    Hi Leanne - Reckon Hosted uses the Enterprise version of Reckon Accounts and your trial file was upgraded to that version - it sounds like the version you had on your desktop was probably Reckon Accounts Business Plus or Premier?  I do not think the file can go back to these versions so you will probably need to restore the Portable backup file that you would have saved BEFORE uploading the file to Hosted and upgrading it to the Enterprise version?    I am afraid you will have to redo the entries that you did on Hosted...BUT... If you dont want to re-enter everything, what you can do is actually take up the Hosted subscription, which then entitles you to have an installation of Enterprise on your desktop... you can then continue to use the file you were using during the trial period.  If your Internet connection speeds improve or you get the NBN - you can then go back to using Hosted? 

    I have a number of clients doing this... I also have a client who uses the desktop version of Enterprise for their daily entries as the speed of their Internet out on the farm is too slow - but once a month - they upload the current file to Hosted so that other members of the family can log in to view the farm books and performance.  They are provided with a login that is View Only so they can run reports etc from any machine they log in from - but they cant change any entries.. this works well for them and gets around the issue of the slow Internet connection.  good luck!
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    You cant. I know. I hope you havent entered too much information. I would NEVER test hosted on my live file.
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    Seems a tad expensive to pay for something to not use it.
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