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In the next update of Reckon One, payroll processes will change so that instead of a reverse journal being posted when a payrun is undone for editing, the payrun will revert back to draft and the original transactions deleted.

This is in direct feedback from our user base and also to improve performance within the payroll application.

The process to undo a payrun remains the same, the only difference is that a reverse journal will no longer be posted.

Along with this, we have made a change to the 'Undo' dialog box. Since Reckon One will no longer post a reverse journal, the dialog box will instead prompt for a Payment Date, see the screenshot below for an example.


This change allows you to set a new Payment Date for the payrun without having to delete the original transaction and starting again.

If for example, you set the payment date to 1/11/2017 as above and the original transaction was posted on 28/10/2017, the payroll date will change to 1/11/2017 without having to remove the original draft transaction.

Why is this change being made?
There has been a number of comments and queries by users as to why reverse journals are posted instead of just removing the data. We have also identified this as an area where the performance could be better and this change will lead to that.

What about my existing reverse journals?
They will be left alone. Only payruns which are undone after the update is released will utilise the new undo process.

What do I need to do to enable this?
Nothing. The next update of Reckon One will include this payroll change for all Reckon One users.

Is there a way to stop a payrun being undone?
Payruns which have bank transactions allocated to them or entered before the book lock off date cannot be undone.


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    The Reckon One team have pushed this update through last night and its now live. 
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