Security history did not transfer from PP 2019 to Home & Business

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With my PP renewal due next month and the numerous problems over the years, thought I would download the trial of Home & Business to see (not optimistically) if it provided any improvement. I opened my latest PP backup file (rkn) and found that none of my security history transferred over. I did an update which gave me the current share prices but no history and of course, no info on bonds etc. and as such is not giving me my portfolio performance and true value.  Any help appreciated although looks like I will be staying with PP at this stage.


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    This KnowledgeBase article is a farce !

    How could "Method 2 - Re-enter your historical prices" be a solution ?
    My .qph file has about 350,000 price records. Does anyone at Reckon seriously think this is a viable solution.

    The .qph file contains both company and price records. What is needed is for Reckon to provide a rebuild program that can take an old .qph file and rebuild a new .qph file that is compatible with the defined securities that are used in the latest .qdf file. It is incredible that Reckon don't appear to have the capability of providing this type of competent support.

    Reckon should have a database rebuild utility that can take the latest available qdata.* files and rebuild the files, providing a report of what inconsistencies that are identified.
    Both "Validate" and "Super Validate" provide insufficient reports on the database integrity. They should do better.

    It is disappointing (or worse !!!) that Reckon continue to charge an annual fee and do nothing to improve the RPP product.
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    Hi Carljh

    So the way the file system works in Reckon Home and Business (and Personal Plus) is that it consists of multiple files with the same name, but with different file extensions.

    Most data files will contain QDF, QSD, QEL, and QPH,

    For Example, if your data file is called MyPersonalfile.QDF, then there would be other associated file such as MyPersonalfile.QPH (for Price Histrory);






    As you can see, it is very important the first name of the file has to be the same (in this example MyPersonalfile) and all of these files has to be on the same folder locations.


    Therefore, if you copied the file across for testing on different PC (which I'm guessing you did, as you cannot install different year versions on the same PC), you may have not copied all the file across. Ie you may have not have copied the QPH file type in the new PC, where you have installed the 2019 trial. As a result, you are missing price history, as all the price history are stored in this QPH files.


    Hence, could you please copy the QPH file from your other PC where you have got the full price history and bring it across to the other PC and paste it on the same folder location, where you have placed your new file?

    Also, make sure it has the same first name as your new file.

    Alternatively, can you

    1. make a new backup as RKN type, in the original PC from 2018  version,
    2. Copy it the new version 2019 PC. And
    3. Restore the backup file from the file menu > Restore Backup file 
    4. Check if the new file now has the price history.


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    You're surprised that Reckon don't provide any useful support? Which universe have you been living in?
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