Problem with printing invoices only.

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Problem with printing invoices only. After pressing print it steps through & then just sits there counting the seconds. Then I get crazy & press CANCEL & it either lock me out of Reckon or come up with a screen that says a problem with AR Cenna font????? press OK & it will print. Help. Meg


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    Hi Meg,
    Sounds like there could be a couple of things happening here.

    Firstly, which internet browser are you using and do you have pop ups enabled?
    If you're unsure, please check out the info in this post -
    When I try to print in Reckon Accounts Hosted nothing happens

    Secondly, in regard to the font message, this means that one of your templates contains that specific font which is not available in Reckon Accounts Hosted. You will need to update your template(s) to remove whatever is using that font, once that is completed that message will no longer appear.
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    G'day Rav,
     Thank you for your prompt reply.  I have Pop Ups enabled.  I will go in & change the fonts on the Invoices.   Thanks. Meg
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    Rav a pdf generator should not need to have the font installed. 
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