GovConnect not working in Accounts Desktop

Jenny MJenny M Member Posts: 32
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Hi all, I have been trying to lodge my BAS via the GovConnect in Accounts Business Range desktop this morning and I keep getting this error below...anyone else having the same issue?  Thanks, Jenny



  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,895 Administrator
    edited October 2018
    Hi Jenny,

    I've found a KnowledgeBase article related to that error message which might help you get past this -

    Exception message when making a List Request in GovConnect
  • Jenny MJenny M Member Posts: 32
    edited October 2018

    Thanks Rav - I will take a look
  • Tim CrossTim Cross Member Posts: 25
    edited January 2019

    Well surprise, surprise. Trying to lodge Dec 2018 BAS and I receive the same error message as above. Is anybody else experiencing this again? Language and Region are set to Australia. Makes no difference. Anything to do with removal of Gov Connect from Hosted or possibly Tax Office at fault? Grrrr. Running Accounts Plus 2018.
  • Tim CrossTim Cross Member Posts: 44
    edited January 2019
    Just noticed the important announcement from reckon in regard to removal of this service in 2019 due to Tax Department actions. Back up tool also removed so next subscription should reflect value of software obviously?

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