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Is it just me or does it seem that Reckon Accounts Hosted has become the poor cousin to Reckon One. Don't get me wrong RAH on certain levels is a very good product, but sometimes it feels like it performs like a sports car with a flat tyre and there is no pit crew to help out. Just a few additions and adjustments would make it easily the best package on the market. However  Reckon seems so fixated with keeping up with Xero that it has completely dropped the ball with RAH.  Many of my clients want to be able to do invoicing through their smart phone but are unable to do so.  I have been advised to switch them to R1 but is lacks many of the features of RAH and this feels like a bit of a fob off.  Its interesting to note that the annual fee for RAH increased a while back but there has been zero investment in making RAH more accessible through smart phone technology.  Also printing  is still soooo very time consuming with taking anywhere between 15 - 30 seconds to print one invoice.  Its more time efficient to download the RAH data file and do any invoicing in RA Desktop which clients should not have to do. Does Reckon have any plans to improve RAH to make it more efficient and effective for its users by linking it with Smart Phone technology?  Also when is the lengthy printing issue going to be fixed?


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    Hello Gavin
    Yes I agree please call me on 0407068942
    We are revamping cosmic invoice cloud mobile app for RAH
    Call me to get more info
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    See Reckon Add on for Cosmic Invoice for RAH
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    I agree Gavin, at my previous employ, I had the Bugatti Veyron of accounting software. Now I feel I'm in control of an Edsel trying to be a Veyron. You addressed my pet peeve about how freaking long it takes to print anything, not just an invoice, but payroll too.
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    Thanks heaps for your support and voicing your frustrations as well Jenni. Perhaps if more users do Reckon may finally sit up and take notice and address these important issues.
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    Hi Gavin,

    The comparison between Reckon Accounts Hosted and Reckon One while easy to make isn't quite balanced, yes they're both cloud based solutions but they operate on completely different architecture which operate in differing ways and have their own set of benefits and limitations. Just to put them into perspective, Reckon Accounts Hosted as the name implies is a Hosted service, which operates in a fully customised and unique enterprise terminal server environment whereas Reckon One's architecture is a native cloud web technology platform.
    From what I understand this architecture is a determining factor in regard to the native app functionality aspect you've highlighted.

    As you know Reckon Accounts Hosted is derived from the more established Reckon Accounts Business product suite and utilises the feature & functionality set contained within that range whereas Reckon One, while a few years in now, is still a growing solution for small business which we're building all in-house.

    With the Hosted API we've got a growing list of development partners who are complementing the Hosted solution with add-on's in wide ranging fields, including Chandra who has commented above. We've put a ton of work into the Hosted API and there is some work being conducted right now which will see an incredible uptick in performance and make it easier for our developer partners so you should see a good deal of movement in this space.
    Info: Reckon Accounts Hosted Add-on Marketplace

    In regard to printing, we know that historically its been an area of frustration and there was a heavy focus placed on this when we upgraded Hosted's server environment last year. Prior to the upgrade we tested 4 different print drivers, and while the particular driver currently in use takes roughly an extra 5 or so seconds on the first print job it is faster from the second print onward and the results proved to be the best in comparison to the other drivers. Also, from QA testing, prints were as fast as they were on the previous server environment.
    Just a few additions and adjustments would make it easily the best package on the market.
    What are some additions specifically apart from app functionality that you'd like to see introduced into Reckon Accounts Hosted?
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    I can answer that, have used your product for over 40 years and getting totally disappointed, and have to say MYOB has overtaken RAH and left it for dead in a lot of things.  Emailing from your own PC and outlook rather than every email saying 'reconkon accounts hosted', and if you do switch to email from MYOB at least there is a list of what has been emailed.

    Invoice app as stated above.  Bank feed in RAH is cumbersome and time consuming, and often doubles up on transactions or rules don't work.  Where MYOB is a dream to use the bank fee.  It remembers what was the last transaction and brings in everything since.  RAH feed you have to try to remember the last date that imported.

    Attach invoices, I am now attaching invoices/receipts/dockets etc to every entry in MYOB, it even part fills the bills for you, all  my clients are paperless, and we now don't have to have the filing system on the cloud as everything is in MYOB.

    I agree with Gavin, all the time has been spent on Reckon One, baby sister, I have a client who uses this as well, and he has switched back to Invoice2go app as Reckon one invoice is not a patch on the other one, logo was half cut off etc.

    Reckon One does't do anything nearly as well as RAH, fine if you have a small business and it does just fine, but if you want something bigger, more reports, more options you have RA, at least is it is on the desktop it emails from your own email acct, prints faster.

    A lot of people have opted for the Quickbooks online over Reckon One.

    Time attention was paid to the original program we all used to love so much, the one that "reckon" built it's name on.
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    Hi Kwikbooks.  I agree with some of the points that you have raised.  However, one that I do not agree with is your contention that you have been using Quickbooks/Reckon for over 40 years.  Version 1 of Quickbooks in DOS was only issued in 1992/93 because I got the first version of it, before it changed to Windows - I purchased a Windows version in 1994.  Prior to that I purchased Quicken version 2 in 1990.  Quicken version 3 issued within the next 12 months and at that time it enabled more than one bank account to be included in the same company file - prior to that you needed a Lotus (transfer?) utility in order to merge the data in the different file to enable consolidated reporting.
    John L G
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    Rav... Firstly my comparison re R1 and RAH was more about the amount of investment that has gone into R1 compared to RAH, not the differences.

    About improving RAH firstly have a good read of the "Kiwibooks" comments.   

    Re the apps... it begs the question that if 3rd parties can provide all these apps for RAH why can't Reckon.  I do not want to deal with 3rd parties or have to scour the internet to trying to find solutions to RAH's frustrating limitations.  Reckon should be a "one stop shop" for its own products and not be passing the buck to 3rd parties to make its own software more tenable.

    The printing issue (and at the risk of going around in circles yet again)... There is no way this is as fast as it was before the 2014 "improvements". Previous to this you could print directly to the printer of your choice.  Also Rav you need to go by what my clients and myself are experiencing regarding the printing issue.   First print this morning took 13 seconds, second about 8 seconds which may not sound like much but it adds a lot of time to your day.  The fact is RAH printing process is cumbersome and needs fixing.  Users have had to put up with this inefficient printing process for 5 years now.  Kind of shows that Reckon has not been listening to its customers needs and that whats easiest for the developers is more important.    I can print from any other application immediately.

    Importing bank transactions is also cumbersome.  Among other things it only takes information from one field normally the "particulars" which does not always contain the payees name so it means the Transaction Rules are useless.  Its needs to be changed so that it takes information from all the bank statement fields which would make matching transactions much easier.  I have brought this to the attention of Reckon a number of times.

    The ability to  email  documents from RAH and also the lack of flexibility and length of emails is a major hassle.   

    At the end of the day Rav RAH is being left behind by its competitors and the frustration being experienced from its current users is ever increasing.  Its time for Reckon to takes its users comments seriously and put some major investment into RAH to bring it into line with other similar applications.  Little "improvements" on a periodical basis just wont cut it and to be candid, the faithful users of RAH deserve better than this. 

    When was the last time Reckon did a customer satisfaction survey?  I think its time.
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    Agree with you on all points! I have only been using RAH since August last year and it's been sub par at best. There have been several major issues during that time that has majorly affected how our business ran. I thought that MYOB was created by the devil to drive us nuts! After having RAH inflicted on me, I have to change my opinion of MYOB. It's a shame because there is so much potential in RAH if there was actual effort put into developing it more.
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    Hi John, used the first program they ever made it wasn't called Quickbooks then, it was the first "Cashbook", no double entry stuff, more like a glorified spreadsheet.  Then they brought out the double entry system called "Quickbooks", and yes been using it that long, it went on my monochrome AT or AD computer, with a DOS operating system.
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