This product information keeps appearing on my reckon file. I click ok or exit out and it just reap

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This product information keeps appearing on my reckon file.  I click ok or exit out and it just reapears not allowing me to do any work


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    Lynn - very strange indeed.    Tat screen occurs when you press CTL + 1  keys.   If that had of been a single keystroke, I'd be thinking you have a jammed key on your keyboard,  but the CTL key and the "1"  key are not even near each other, and the chance of those two keys being intermittent or jammed with a bread-crumb or similar are unlikely.

    To diagnose things,   I'd be trying a different login,  or trying your session on somebody else's PC  to separate the problem from being caused by your local PC/Browser/hardware  versus some issue up at the AMAZON Data Centre end where RAH is hosted in Sydney.

    If other PC's have the same issue, than I'd be thinking something is causing the startup/login of your COMPANY FILE to be executing some command.

    Another test, before logging into the COMPANY file,  but after logging into HOSTED,  is to see if you can open a different or test COMPANY file - or upload a sample file to use,  in order to diagnose if the problem is associated specifically with your usual COMPANY DATA FILE (the xxxx.QBW file you are opening in your example).

    After doing that combination of tests you might be able to determine whether it is:
    - hardware (like your keyboard gone crazy sending CTL sequences when not needed)
    - your browsers or your Windows local session on your specific PC that is already in trouble
    - your RECKON ID and profile at Amazon that initiates the Reckon HOSTED session before opening a company file
    - your company file and any .INI settings or system parameters that may be issuing preliminary commands out of your control
    - NONE of the above, but at least you've eliminated these as concerns.

    Another example of eliminating your SYSTEM, the LAN, the WAN and the RECKON end of all the things involved when running cloud based service.


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    Check you F2 button is not stuck - this single touch key brings it up also..:-)

    or disconnect your keyboard for a short time and see if that fixes it - (this has worked for us in the past)
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    Seems like this is a problem.  I am now having this issue occur on a regular basis, and so is one of my clients.  ours are local install, not hosted versions.
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    Try the following:

    1)  As indicated by Toni, check if you have a 'function lock' key which may be "F Lock" or "Fn" key on your keyboard. Toggle it on/of and see if that helps

    2) Check the Windows keyboard and language settings

    - go to Control Panel > Regional and Language
    - go to the tab "Keyboards and Languages" and click the Change keyboards button
    - this brings up the "Text Services and Input Language" window
    - in the General tab, confirm which input language you have selected
    - in the "Installed Services" section how many keyboards are present and are they any that are not matching the input language?

    3) Turn off the computer, then unplug the keyboard and plug it into a different USB port

    4) Turn off the computer, then unplug the P/S2 keyboard and plug in a USB keyboard


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