Problem opening Reckon Premier 2017. Receive IszFileBuffer.empty0

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Help. I cannot open my Reckon Accounts Premier Contractor Edition 2017 on Windows 7. I receive IszFileBuffer.empty0 and then Reckon says it has experienced a problem and must close


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    Check a number of prior request on this  same issue.  Here's the results I found doing a Google research on your  question:

    The KEY things to duo in such a situation

    a) backup

    b) backup, do a verify a rebuild and put backups (AGAIN)  on external media for use on ANOTHER PC.

    c) try installing a fresh copy of the program on ANOTHER pc to prove you can use the live DATA there

    d)  Ensure you did (a) thru (c) before even dreaming of doing (e).......  and that you have a FALLBACK position on another PC (your colleagues, your family's or your 'other PC  - but DO OIT on another machine before (e)

    e) and then consider the various Knowledgebase suggestions that imply that a UNinstall and Re-install may be required,  and on that note take good heed of fellow Accredited Partner:  Kevin's,  highlighting of using Revo to do a proper uninstall (in some of the google solutions suggested.

    f)  Do not come back and ask for help about doing (e) unless you can prove you successfully ran your business on another PC for a few hours on (d)

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    This is a rubbish answer. The software does run on desktop Win 10 but will not re-install on Win 10 laptop because of the File Buffer Empty issue.
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    Not sure of your Windows 10 situation.  The above article from 11 months ago related to Win7 and Premier 2017. specifically.

    BUT:   A Google search of win10 specifically for you,   via:!sz+File+Buffer+win10&spell=1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjey...

    alludes to options like clean uninstall/reinstall,  windows updates on one machine different to another, whiuch caould generate a different experience,  or the running of a Anti-Virus program of different signatures.

    The KB articles in similar topics like these, also point to clean uninstalls.

    pointing to ID:  331

    However,  you have not told us what version of Reckon Accounts you are experiencing your Windows 10 based issue with.  Possibly better to raise a topic specifically outlining your combination of Windows 10,  Reckon XXXX, and the error: 

    (note that is an exclamation mark !, not a I or 1"

    What is interesting, is the last entry at this article:  (Michelle O'Reilly)

    where she declares:

    '.....     left clicked the Reckon Icon and opened Troubleshoot compatibility
    "I don't see my problem"
    and went through the rest and it seems to have worked.      ......  '


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    Gary, it seems as though you'll do anything rather that actually answer the question.
    I HAVE read your KB articles (and many more besides) and I HAVE followed the community discussions - and I have yet to find any article reply that starts with the word FIXED.
    Now, I'm no Windows expert (using this only in a work situation with no other option) so perhaps your meaning, when you say"Clean Uninstall" is different to what I understand that to mean.
    I have only mentioned the Win 10 thing because I have seen that upgrade break so many other pieces of software, which have not kept pace.

    Please, just write out in full, the steps that you require to be able to upgrade our Reckon Accounts 2014 on a Win 10 laptop, and I'll follow them.
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    Greg.  '

    So you are on windows 10 and want to upgrade your 2014.  I'll assume that you want the latest upgrade,  so that would be 2018 R1 first and the R2 tax update after that.

    the full instructions are:

    (from the website:   )

    But if you are having some specific issue with a specific version on a specific operating system,.   which is what started this article,  then elaborate on that specifically, to pin point your issue.

    If you are going to some other version after Reckon 2014 on windows 10,  then yes there will be some adjustments needed on non-compliant early versions.

    One other important consideration: 

    FIREWALL PORTS for Reckon Accounts Desktop.

    Another article in the Community mentions the need to check these ports are OPEN, based on whatever VERSION (of Reckon Desktop ACCOUNTS) you are running:

    see article:

    and there are some more detailed instructions on setting firewall values here:


    PS:  "clean uninstall" means to totally uninstall everything to do with a product - more than just a Windows control panel program uninstall. There is a product called REVO that is beaut for this.   See:

    The concept of using REVO has been around for years, in KB articles like this one (be it all a 2011 article:  

    PS:    !sz File Buffer .empty ()
    The info on older versions affected by !sz File Buffer .empty ()   is article 2039 at:

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