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I have two invoice templates that I use - one for domestic customers and one for international customers (with SWIFT bank codes, etc. for invoice payment). Currently, Reckon Hosted uses the LAST invoice selected, rather than allowing you to link an invoice template to a customer. 

This has resulted in me sending the wrong invoice to some customers because I've not picked up I need to change the template that I'm using.

A great idea would be if you could assign an invoice template to a customer so that error doesn't occur.


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    Totally agree. Same for Estimates and POs. Something so basic should have been a feature YEARS ago.
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    I agree

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    There are a few feature requests logged in the area of default templates in our Reckon Ideas portal, I'd definitely recommend viewing them HERE and adding your vote or potentially raising a new idea/suggestion as well.
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    Mmmm that's nice Rav, heard all this for years and years and nothing happens.

    From assigning templates to customer, suppliers, employees - being able to reconcile a larger range of accounts including gst accts - more warning on double up numbers especially P/O numbers on customer invoices so critical especially when you offer industry specific choices in reckon, the product doesn't support what is required.

    I a struggling recommending Reckon anymore for my clients.  I have had to change 4 clients to MYOB because of no warnings on P/O on inv., Bank feed is so much easier for my customers to use, all asset & liab. accounts can be reconciled, which is important to reconcile clearing acct, super & tax accts where Reckon doesn't.

    we have seen so many forums where Accounts/hosted customers have not had any noticeable improvements for years, Reckon has concentrated on R1 which isn't a patch on Accounts range.
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    Yes - R1 looks good and I do like the look and feel of it - though I need the higher functionality of Reckon Hosted. I'm disappointed there seems to be little time and money invested into fixing the little bugs / making it easier to use online, etc.
  • Jay GarlandJay Garland Member Posts: 144
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    Can you log it for me?
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