Cannot Email Invoices upon installing Reckon Hosted 2018?

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I have just updated to Reckon Hosted 2018 - worst decision of my life.  I have no end of grief.  Tried to get help by phoning but on hold for over an hour with nobody answering!  Think I will switch to Zero - this system is a nightmare and I spent an entire day trying to figure things out.  Now I am trying to email an invoice to a client who needs it urgently and the stupid system will not send this?  How do I fix it?  Can somebody explain this in easy to understand terms please - I am desperate!   To say I am feeling frustrated is an "understatement"!


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,861 Administrator
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    Hi Bernadette,
    Sorry to hear your Accounts Hosted experience hasn't been a smooth one.
    What is happening specifically when you try to send your email? Can you step me through the process you're going through.
    Have you been able to send emails previously successfully?
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    Bern call me Kevin 0407744914. I do this for a living
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