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Can I add YTD earnings after I have added an employee?
I am able to go back into the employee and edit their personal details however don't have the option to add their YTD earnings... 
I am also not able to remove them, I find this an issue. 


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    Hi Rebekah,
    I can't see any way to retroactively go back and set YTD figures once the employee is set up at the moment. The balances however will be updated upon the first successful payrun.

    I am also not able to remove them
    Do you mean remove an employee?
  • Rebekah AllanRebekah Allan Member Posts: 2
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    Thanks for your quick reply Rav. I will continue to add our employees with no YTD figures and we will start to use the app in the new FY. 

    Sorry for not being clear, yes I mean the employee. But there is no need to remove the employee as I don't need to update their YTD figures. 

    Thanks for your help. 
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    Can you remove an employee and re-enter them with the YTD figures, as I have added another employee with YTD figures? Thanks for your help.

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    I initially entered our employees with no YTD figures also. The ATO suggested I enter them now so I don't have to provide our employees their payment summaries at the EOFY. So I uninstalled the app, restarted my device, then reinstalled the app, once I signed in I was asked if I had paid employees from 1st July 2018 so I said yes and entered the YTD figures, then I lodged my first pay run today and I logged on to the BAS portal straight after and the transaction was already showing under STP reporting.
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