You cannot open a Reckon Accounts Enterprise file using a non-enterprise product

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Hi, we have just upgraded to Reckon Accounts Enterprise Accountant Edition 2019 from the same but 2017 version. I have installed it on our computer but when I go to restore from our backup copy the following message comes up "You cannot open a Reckon Accounts Enterprise file using a non-enterprise product" and then I am back to square one.
What the hell do I do - the only reason we upgraded was for STP - this is doing my head in.


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    you get an Enterprise key from Reckon, they will send you one quickly just call
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    i have the installation key and have installed the program but cannot restore my data from my old software package to the new one 
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    Hi Sal,
    I've just had a chat with our Data Recovery team in relation to this and they've advised this could be related to damage to the file header.

    Their recommendation is the following;
    • Check if you are still able to successfully restore the company file in your previous 2017 edition of Enterprise.
    • If it opens successfully perform a file integrity check (info here). Follow up and correct on any errors if any are presented.
    • Create a brand NEW backup file.
    • Restore this in your new 2019 edition of Enterprise

    Failing the above, you may need to send the file to our Data Recovery team for analysis. More info on the services our Data Recovery team provide here.
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    Thanks Rav, I performed the integrity check and it said there was an error, did a rebuild said at the end there was an error and am yet to do the second integrity check, will have to try again tomorrow as I have to leave work for the day. 

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    Turns out reckon sold me a non enterprise product to replace our enterprise product so they have fixed that up and guess what it worked 
  • Sheree ClementsSheree Clements Member Posts: 2
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    I am using Reckon Hosted and wish to backup data to a compatible enterprise on my computer but can not find a link to download?
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    Hi Sheree,

    If you have a current Hosted license you can contact the Customer Service Team to receive a license key for the single-user Reckon Accounts Enterprise software.

    The software it self can be downloaded via the link


    Data Recovery Team


    Reckon Data Recovery Team

    You can request assistance via the case request web form below.

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