Finalisation in Reckon when some employees weren't included in STP submissions

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We're currently using Professional 2018 R2 and aren't going to update to 2019 until R2 and the new tax tables are released.
Our final pay event will be Thursday (20th) so we will still be using 2018. We had two employees terminate before we started submitting via STP. Will we need to finalise the pay run on Thursday for current employees and submit an Empdupe for the terminated employees?


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    I am wanting the same information
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    Hi Vickie and Linda,

    Thank you for your post.

    Option 1 (our recommendation):

    If you have employees terminated prior to joining STP, then we recommend you to update to RA 2019 R2 as that includes the new "Finalise Year" option. It's set to release next week. 

    You would export the last pay of the Financial Year, just like any other normal pay and upload as New Pay in STP GovConnect.

    After that you can just open the Single Touch Lodgement screen and tick the new Finalise Year (replacing Final Event tick box) and 2018/19 Financial Year (FY). This will show ALL the employees paid in the FY and you can export their Year To Date payroll data. You can then export this file and import in GovConnect using "Update Event" option.

    This will ensure that every employee's data (current/terminated prior to joining STP) are with ATO via STP.

    Please DO NOT update any previous pay in 2019 R2 as it might alter the Tax on the pay due to the new Tax Table.

    Option 2:

    You can upload the last pay of the FY by ticking "Final Event" in 2018 R2. This will ensure the last pay's YTD is the final amount and it will be reported to ATO accordingly.

    For the employees who weren't part of STP, you can export Empdupe file for those employees only, DO NOT include any employee that were reported via STP, otherwise that will double up their data at ATO's end.
    ATO has strongly advised to not upload an employee's data via both Empdupe and STP as there are chances of duplicate/double up data. 
    Hence, we recommend Option 1.

    You can find more information from the below article:

    I hope the above helps you and other users who are in similar situation.

    Please let us know if you have any questions.



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    Hi Ifti
    Thanks for the response.
    Do you have a release date for R2 yet? I have to schedule IT to do the upgrade.
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    Hi Vickie,

    ETA is between 25th and 26th June if everything goes well.


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    What if you had employees through the year that finished work and you didn't terminate as you weren't sure if they would come back what do you do? Or do you just when you do your last pay run you mark as final?
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