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Two reckon GovConnect under the one email on the one Portal

My client has the one Reckon Portal but has two books with different ABN's that run STP. I tried to set up the GovConnect using her email so she is ready for the 1 July 2019. However, only one is showing. When I select Add Product to add the other, it says that the ABN has already been registered, which is true but I need her to be able to access the GovConnect for both businesses, then she can share to me. Can you please help URGENTLY!


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,707 Community Manager
    edited June 2019
    Hi Katie,
    Ok so just so I have this clear..
    There is one Reckon Portal account that contains two Reckon One books AND so far only one STP entity for one of those books correct?
    When attempting to register the second ABN (which is different from the one already registered) in the same Portal account you're getting a message to say its already registered. Is that correct?

    Has this second ABN already been registered for STP in GovConnect under a DIFFERENT Reckon Portal account?
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    Hello Rav.
    You are correct it's says its already registered (which I remember doing a month ago). I was certain I was logged into my client's portal as I've only just shared her books to my own user account.
    Is there a way to have both registered for STP in GovConnect with the one email address? Your help is always appreciated. I need to make sure I rectify this so I do not make the same mistake for other clients. Thank You
  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,707 Community Manager
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    Thanks for getting back to me Katie, I think I'll need to do a few checks to see how this has been setup and if the other ABN has already been registered.
    I'll need your help on a few details though;
    • The email address for the Reckon Portal account for the OWNER of the Reckon One books & currently registered STP entity (which from what I understand is your client):
    • The email address for YOUR Reckon Portal account: 
    • The ABN for the STP entity which has already been registered in your client's Portal account:
    • The ABN that you are TRYING to register in your client's Reckon Portal account:
    If you can send me the above to [email protected] I'll take a look and see how things are setup and what needs to be done.

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    I have emailed you with all the details you requested
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