GovConnect does not default to Reckon Hosted Q Drive?

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Hi there - This is my first try at this and it was going along fine - I seem to have created the .json file ok and saved to the Q drive - however when i open GovConnect - the guide says it will default to Q: for Reckon Hosted. But it is defaulting to my local computer. is there some way i need to connect to GovConnect via Reckon hosting - am i missing a step - 


  • Lynn DilleyLynn Dilley Member Posts: 9
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    Sorrry I cannot help as I am out of date with Recken and I am about to update my own
  • KimKim Member Posts: 4
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    I am not expert but I think you have to download from Q Drive to your computer (desktop or downloads folder)

    Try it but I may be wrong

  • BobbiBobbi Member Posts: 15
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    Thanks Kim, yes that might be the way to get it to upload. Ill try that.

  • Linda ABCLinda ABC Member Posts: 1,171 ✭✭
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    If you are lodging through Hosted it should pop up an Internet Explorer window that you then log into the portal with and using this you will be able to find the .json file in the Q drive of your hosted... if the IE window comes up blank - you just click lodge, save the file again and the 2nd time it should bring up the IE window (this is an IE browser on your Hosted server, not your computer)... once this comes up and you login all should be well.

  • BobbiBobbi Member Posts: 15
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    Ah - OK - i can see how this is working now. Thank you.
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