Submitting STP for last pay event after having lodged EMPDUPE file

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All pays for the year have been processed outside of STP.  Everything has been reconciled and the EMPDUPE file has been lodged for the 2018-19 year.  I have now setup STP.  Every employee was included in the last pay for the year.  Can I still do an STP lodgement for the last pay (more or less to test out that everything has been setup correctly) or would this just complicate things?


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    I was told by the tax office that as long as you don’t complete the finalisation process anything you lodge for 2018 - 2019 is irrelevant. I have been lodging STP for 2 months but will still be doing my payment summaries the old way
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    Thank you for your advice.  John L G
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    Welcome to the world of STP John,
    If you've lodged the EMPDUPE file already, its best that you don't also do the finalisation pay event via STP. From what I've been told, doing so will double up figures at the ATO end.
    Just start with a normal pay event submission from your next pay.

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    Hi Rav, 
    So if we don't do the 'end of year' process for the 18/19 year in STP, it doesn't effect anything for the lodgement of the first pay run in 19/20? It just starts fresh automatically?
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    Thanks for the welcome Rav!  It was a bit of a trauma setting things up because of my unique situation in that I am the main user of Hosted but logged in through sharing a file.  Ultimately, by going back over all of the posts over the past few weeks, I ended up setting up myself and then adding additional accounts - will see how it works out next Monday.
    John L G
  • MarissaMarissa Member Posts: 71
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    Hi John I’m in the same boat as you lodged 2018/2019 EMPDUPE file so basically next pay will be start with STP. Hopefully it all runs smoothly for you.
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    I have a client who, for practice purposes, only ran STP for June.  They also ran the final pay event with the last payday for the year.    The question is, how does my client run a final pay event for the several terminated employees who were not in the STP uploads during June.  Do we lodge an EMPDUPE for those particular employees?  Thanks.
  • Joseph LiJoseph Li Member Posts: 336
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    Hi Chris, Use EMPDUPE for employees that have not been reported using STP.
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