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Virus or spyware in Reckon Accounts Payroll file 2019.

Anne Marie QuinnAnne Marie Quinn Member Posts: 4
edited August 2020 in Accounts Business Range

I am not happy that I cannot download the new Tax Tables. McAfee virus scanner advises that it contains spyware, virus or other potentially unwanted programmes  in the file. Two e-mails sent to Reckon. No Response. I cannot wait on telephone for hours while someone gets back to me.


  • SpillySpilly Member Posts: 212
    edited August 2020
    Just a false positive........'might' doesn't mean it is a virus etc..

    Outdated installation procedures cause it.
  • DiDi Member Posts: 29
    edited July 2019
    Pretty sure that you are supposed to disable anti virus when updating according to the instructions, give that a try, it might work.
    Good luck
  • Anne-Marie QuinnAnne-Marie Quinn Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2019

    Thanks Di and Tim for your suggestions. I had already disabled the anti virus and firewall prior to installation. I suspect that it has been my internet browser.(Internet Explorer)
    I have just installed Chrome and the tax table update installed very easily.
  • DiDi Member Posts: 29
    edited July 2019
    So glad you got sorted, it's frustrating when you allocate time and things just wont go as planned!!!!
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