An error occurred submitting single touch payroll details to the API.



  • PeterPeter Member Posts: 16
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    I had paid the employees on the payrun, in 'real life', but had not informed my Reckon One book about this.
    As soon as I put in the information that all payments in the payrun were paid, the payrun information was accepted by GovConnect.

    Why is this not made clear anywhere?
  • TanyaTanya Member Posts: 4
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    Finally fixed the problem! Even after conferring with the ATO to ensure I had the correct spelling of Legal Business Name etc, the issue was that the ATO has our entire Business Name in capital letters and I did not. A little note or tip on just how exact the Business Name must be ie: capitals, spacing, characters would have saved me, some of these guys and your IT department a whole lot of anguish and frustration these past few weeks!
  • EllenEllen Member Posts: 4
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    I too finally fixed my problem!  There is another thing not mentioned in Rav's list above which you need to look out for.. for me it was that I had '+61' in my phone number in the payroll settings and special characters are not allowed.  
    To fix go to Payroll Settings (COG wheel > Settings > Payroll settings > General) and ensure no special characters in the phone number.

    Sounds like there are a lot of potential errors however this was the one holding me up - I hope this info helps at least one other person resolve their issue!
  • Vele BundaVele Bunda Member Posts: 2
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    I have the same issue, after trying everything explained above I'm still unable to submit to the STP
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