Submitted payrun and it says ERROR - Declined by ATO

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Last Thursday and today (Thursday) when I submitted payrun and it is ERROR - Declined by ATO .- gave me the option to Review and Adjust which I did and same thing happened. IHave been using this successfully since July this year but why is it nbeing declined by ATO now


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,792 Administrator
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    Hi Nicole,
    If you press the error message, it will give you a more detailed response from the ATO which will give us some clues as to why the submission was rejected.

    Can you please take a look and let me know what the error message is.
  • Maria SlaatsMaria Slaats Member Posts: 5
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    I have the same problem - and it looks like a few others on this page are in the same boat - the problem is with the amount of decimal places being used  - ATO seems to be expecting 4 and so if we round to 2 it doesn't add up. Mine is with Total Gross PaymentsWithholdingA  and GrossA but I have seen other problems listed here with Superannuation. 
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