How do I match a Payment in the Bank Feed to 2 payments in the register

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    Hello Allcity,

    That is not possible.  You will need to put those 2 transactions through a bank clearing account and make a transfer from your main bank account to clear the bank clearing account.  That transfer can then be matched to your single bank payment amount.

    Hope this helps.

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    Finally thought I should give the process of importing bank statements ago - everyone says I'm nuts not using it, saves so much time. It left a heap of transactions unmatched, which turns out to be because I usually put multiple payments in one transaction (well, that's how NAB Connect works, and if I were to enter them each separately I'd be charged for each one, have to create & authorise each one separately, and it would defeat the purpose of using NAB Connect!). 

    Now feeling shell-shocked reading this answer that there is no way to match them except via clearing accounts - why??? I get that it can't match them automatically, but I don't get why it couldn't let me manually match the one bank transaction to multiple transactions in the bank register. 

    I'm not sure that the import function is worth it. 

    Any chances of getting this fixed?

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    Reckon = a little behind on their program. 
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