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Hello, I have two sites, with separate trading names all under the same ABN. Both run separate P&L's for Management reporting purposes, and Payroll's are separate. How do I complete STP for two separate sites/trading names under the same ABN? I've tried uploading 2 x Payroll files into Reckon GovConnect but it wont let me once the first one is uploaded? Many thanks


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    Hi Ryan,
    Do these two entities have differing GST branch numbers under the same ABN?
    If so, you can create two STP entities in GovConnect for the same ABN but each with its respective branch number and then submit to the appropriate STP entity.
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    If you only have one branch number and the pay dates are the same for both files? simply change the payment date in one entity, ie entity A on the 21st entity B the 22nd
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