Reckon STP 1-4 employees - monthly pay runs all accepted but incorrect YTD total after only 3 months

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I have successfully lodged my first three monthly pay runs on the Reckon STP app with just one unexplained ATO decline, which I resubmitted and it was accepted. However, at the end of Sept under each employee year to date payment summary, it is showing total gross wages equivalent to 5 months of wages, not 3 as I would have expected. Is the ONLY way out of this not to submit anything for the next 2 months or is there another alternative?


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    Hi Mark,
    The 'Pay Summary' section of the app does not track the 'live' figures as they sit with the ATO. It keeps track of all figures that have been submitted regardless of their status ie. Success, Error, Pending etc + any YTD balances entered for the employee.
    This is why you might notice a variance in the figures particularly when you have submissions that have returned an Error.

    To view the actual balances sitting with the ATO for your submissions, this is viewed via the ATO Business Manager if you have access and employees can view their figures via their MyGov accounts.
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    Rav, thanks for the information in your reply. I have now viewed the actual sitting balances you directed me to (ATO Business Manager and MyGov) and neither is correct and they don't even correlate with each other. The MyGov accounts of two employees show gross income equal to 5 months pay when only 3 months of pay has been successfully submitted through the Reckon STP app. And the ATO Business Manager account is only showing 2 successful monthly pay entries, not 3 as I would have expected. Unfortunately, I am now very confused as I have no idea how to correct the different errors appearing in my company ATO account and my personal ATO account. Do you have any further advice based on this new information?
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