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If a Pay Event has been rejected by the ATO - Delete it

Timothy E MylneTimothy E Mylne Member Posts: 49
edited November 2019 in Single Touch Payroll App
If a Pay Event has been rejected by the ATO then we should be able to delete it and start again.  Nothing has been accepted by the ATO so nothing is recorded at the ATO.  To Review and Do an Adjustment is wrong.  You cannot adjust something not accepted.  You have mentioned you are working on deleting Draft Pays if you want to start again then I see no reason why we cannot also delete Rejected Pays.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,654 Community Manager
    edited June 2019
    From what I understand we are required by the ATO to retain any pay events that are in any status other than Draft. This is the case for the STP service in its entirety, both the app and GovConnect.
  • totally humantotally human Member Posts: 6
    edited November 2019
    I think we should be able to delete them... All they are doing is adding to the pay summaries, and not giving the right results. I can't figure out how to fix the pay summaries, because pay runs were rejected by the ATO. When they are readjusted, and then accepted, this is good... But the rejected ones are screwing with my totals!
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