Help using Reckon Manufacturing and wholesale for Manufacturing a product using various ingredients.

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Hi we have been using Reckon Manufacturing and wholesale for years now and have recently purchased a manufacturing company we currently use Reckon Manufacuring and Wholesale for wholesaling to customers various products, we have just bought a Manufacturing business that we use various ingredients to make a finished product can somebody help with how to set up Manufacturing side up. We use various ingredients to make a product and then box it up.


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    Firstly you need to set up each raw material items separately (as an inventory part).   After that, create a new Inventory Assembly item for the completed item and in the set up down the bottom of that screen you can select what other items go into making up that complete product and their relevant quantities.  (There is an ability to print this build list on the RHS too).  This enables the costing to be correctly reflected in your reports.
    When you have actually 'built' the finished product, you need to build it in Reckon also.   Right click on the inventory assembly item in your list and "Build Assemblies".   This is very date sensitive and if you don't have stock in at the date of when you are trying to build, it won't allow you to build the item.   This will reduce your stock on hand for all the individual items and increase your completed product quantity.  

    I hope that helps.


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    Thank you very much for the above information, however when running a profitability by product report actual cost column is $0. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Thank you
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    Sorry I missed this response.   Mmmmm, Interesting, I don't usually run this report so wasn't aware of this.   From what I have worked out, yes you are right, if there is no average cost shown on the build item.  And is QB is very date driven, if the invoice date or build date differ, then it will appear also in your P & L on the different dates.    I have also noticed there are some of my items that don't appear to have the Average cost showing, even though we have build and sold them.   Oh dear, another hiccup for me to investigate (have had customer ageing problems this morning).    I will keep you in the loop for what (if anything) I can do to assist you further.

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    Hi, I have the same issue with lots and lots of assembly items showing no average costs and therefore no costing on reports.  Did you fix this issue? I'd be greateful for an update. Thanks.
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