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Veronica KendallVeronica Kendall Member Posts: 2
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I have an error message for both May 2020 lodgements on the STP App, any idea why this is happening and how to fix it.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,645 Community Manager
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    Hi Veronica,
    What is the full error message you've received for these particular submissions?

    Go into the submission itself and click the 'Review' button to view the response sent back from the ATO.
  • Veronica KendallVeronica Kendall Member Posts: 2
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    Hi Rav,  Any idea why I am getting the error message yet.  My pay run is on a Thursday and today when I tried to lodge STP still got the error message - does this have something to do with receiving the Jobkeeper payment from the ATO?
  • NadiaNadia Member Posts: 66
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    Veronica, Click on the word "Error", Click "Review & Adjust"  Does it have a number with more than 2 decimal places? Does it mention superannuation?  If so,
    This worked for me...
    You need to reduce the superannuation figure by 0.00000000001 or increase it by 0.00999999999 to get back to TWO decimal places.
    To do this create a pay run, choose your employee (I only had one employee in my pay run. If you have more than one employee you probably need to do this for each of them) and enter the pay run as:
    Gross pay $0, PAYG Tax $0 Superannuation $-0.00000000001
    When you hit Save the large decimal will show up with only 2 decimal places.
    This should lodge correctly.  When I did it, I started with 5529.00000000001 and entered the wrong number of decimal places so it declined again and I got a new error message with the number 5528.99999999991. I did the same thing again but with Superannuation $+0.0000000009 This time it submitted correctly.  I then entered the payrun with the correct Wages, Tax & Superannuation (No decimals at all in superannuation just in case !!) and submitted it and it lodged correctly. Hope this helps.
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