STP app error - declined payrun

Peter MorrisPeter Morris Member Posts: 5
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Hi, I am getting Declined Pay Runs today with the following explanation: "The value provided to identify the receiving party is not recognised or a request has been made for a service not offered bythe receiving party". I have tried to Adjust Payruns but it just creates yet another declined payrun. I see from previous comments this happened before (9 months ago).


  • KarenKaren Member Posts: 19
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    Hi Peter, I’m new to all this but here’s my two cents worth ...... could this be because today 20th June 2020 the ato website is unavailable due to maintenance or upgrade ?
  • Peter MorrisPeter Morris Member Posts: 5
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    Hi Karen, I also am a relative newbie, but have had other troubles with this app before. It maybe something like you suggest. I’m going to wait until Monday. If no reply from Reckon, I will try and adjust entries again. Not enjoying this app based reporting system. I would rather be able to do it directly through the ATO Portal/Site!
  • Robyn Kelly (Partner)Robyn Kelly (Partner) Accredited Partner Posts: 554 ✭✭
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    Like Karen mentioned, the ATO were conducting maintenance this weekend.

    Tomorrow I suggest you log onto the ATO Portal and see which STP Pay events were uploaded prior to doing anything else.
  • Peter MorrisPeter Morris Member Posts: 5
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    All sorted now. Original attempts still showing as errors in the app but aren't showing in the ATO portal. I have redone the runs via the app. It took all day but they were finally accepted and successfully submitted (in app and portal). Thanks for your insight!
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