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RESC amount in Portal reports is less than it should be.

CarolCarol Member Posts: 33
edited July 2020 in Accounts Business Range
On submitting the pay (as a pay only not EOY) for the year, the RESC for the one employee who does this is $200 less than it should be.  Portal Report $9,000 and Reckon A/Cs $9,200. 
I have printed out the RESC report and checked against the submission reports.  A pay on 4.5.20 does not add the RESC to the previous week's total.  
I tried a resubmit for that date but it still says $9,000.  
Would a full file replacement be the answer, although the resubmit when "successful" still shows $9,000.
Is this a Reckon problem or a Portal/ATO problem?
How can this be fixed please?  
Using Reckon Accounts Plus 2019 Desktop


  • AdrianAdrian Member Posts: 200
    edited June 2020
    Hello Carol

    You will need to open the pay that has not reported correctly.
    Take a snapshot(Screen shot) of the details of the pay.
    Select  unlock net pay.
    Remove the salary sacrifice super amount and item.
    Then re add the salary sacrifice item and amount.
    Check totals agree to snapshot.
    Save pay.
    Check that the report now shows the amount as reportable.
    Then can re-lodged STP. 


  • CarolCarol Member Posts: 33
    edited July 2020
    No need to reply as I have found the answer and fixed it.
    This is a Reckon (and QuickBooks prior) problem.  It has happened to me before - 3 times now I think.
    Reckon should have been able to fix this over the years surely?

  • John GraetzJohn Graetz Member Posts: 1,669 ✭✭✭
    edited June 2020
    You are correct, Carol.  This problem has been with some of us for many years now and I have provided posts on numerous occasions over the years on how to fix it.  To my recollection, Reckon have never provided an explanation as to why this particular transaction continues to provide the same problem for a number of users each year.  I agree with you.  It is time that this recurring problem is fixed, but it is apparent that this is not on the high priority list to be fixed.  Based on continued repetition, it seems that there is no interest in having the problem fixed.  This is annoying and, as you have said, dates back to Quickbooks' days.
    Come on Rav - is anything ever going to be done to fix this?
    John L G
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