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RESC on payment summary has an amount in for 3 people and should not be there

heatherheather Member Posts: 23
edited July 30 in Other Reckon Products
Desktop Premier Edition 2020
2 Employees with amounts in RESC that should be Zero. I employee that should have an amount of $50 and has 8322744.00  I dont know where to start to even find these amounts, have looked in every possible report and these amounts do not show up in the employee reports. HELP


  • John GraetzJohn Graetz Member Posts: 1,652 ✭✭
    edited July 30
    Heather, this does seem to be a bit different to the problems that usually occur.  However, the fix could be the same.  I usually end up posting this same fix each year and it usually works.  Let's hope it does that for you too.

    Hi If you go to the following Knowledgebase site, this will provide you with the action that you need to correct the error - it is relatively straight forward - try Option 2.  This problem probably tends to rear its head at the end of the year for an odd employee. I have had to correct it on more than one occasion in the past.  At least you know which pay the problem has occurred in.

    John L G
  • heatherheather Member Posts: 23
    edited August 5
    Thanks John,
    Yes I am aware of this fix as I too have to do this each year, I usually check as I am going along to save time at the end of year.
    I have managed to clear the issues, the reason it wasnt showing up on my report was that I had made his superfund inactive as the person had left last June and the other two weren't on my memorized report as they dont usually do salary sacrifice, so once I added them to my filters I found them and as you say "Refreshed the pays"
    thanks again
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