How to change Phone number on Reckon STP free payroll app account

Asif HussainAsif Hussain Member Posts: 5
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I have recently change mobile phone which links with reckon account for

STP lodgement - Now everytime i try to login SMS code go to old number

which i dont have.

How i can change old number into new into this reckon STP free app account?

Pls help


  • brusanbrusan Member Posts: 5

    I would like to know this too as I will be changing phone and number. also will the information transfer over without losing any information?

    look forward to seeing your response.

  • BijanBijan Member Posts: 6

    I have same question. How do I change my phone number that I gave set up for two factor authentication?

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,906 Administrator

    Hi guys,

    If you need to change the phone number associated with your Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), you can do so by following the steps listed in this help guide

    Login to the Reckon Portal with your STP app account credentials and click on 'Profile'.

    Scroll to the Multi-Factor Authentication section, click on REVOKE.

    You will be sent a Revoke authentication code to your current device/phone number.

    Enter this code on the “Revoke multi-factor authentication” window as shown below.

    This will now revoke the authentication from your current device/phone number.

    The next time you access the STP app, you will be required to add a new phone number for your MFA codes to be sent to.

  • BijanBijan Member Posts: 6

    Hi Rav,

    Thanks for your prompt response and clear instructions.

    I managed to change my 2FA number through desktop application.



  • Asif HussainAsif Hussain Member Posts: 5

    Thanks, I have login into profile page on Reckon Portal as suggested and now added new phone number

    in profile but when i click revoke 2 points factor authentication, Code is not coming to new

    phone to complete this process?

    Pls help

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,906 Administrator

    @Asif Hussain

    You don't add the new phone number in the Reckon Portal profile, you only revoke the existing MFA as outlined in my instructions above.

    Once it has been revoked successfully, then the STP app will ask you to enter a new phone number the next time you login.

  • Asif HussainAsif Hussain Member Posts: 5

    But when i click the revoke button nothing happen.

    It goes to next screen and asking MFA code or recovery PIN

    I am not surely how i can get these code?

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,906 Administrator

    HI @Asif Hussain

    To revoke the existing MFA, you need access to the current/original device or phone number that is currently registered to your account. This is to ensure that only the authorised person has the ability to remove the existing authentication.

    If you no longer have access to the original phone number/device, we'll need to perform a security check before organising the removal of any MFA that is linked from our end.

  • Asif HussainAsif Hussain Member Posts: 5

    Device is same but phone number is changed - How i can do security check?

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