Quickbooks pro 2003

I have Quickbooks pro 2003 running and it has come up to reregister again as it does every year or 2.

I called the phone number and they said it couldn't be done as the server has been taken done.

How do I get this going again as it has all of my business info and invoicing on.

I payed for a full version so I should be able to use without upgrading to a newer one as it has been working fine until this point.




  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,247 Community Manager

    Hi Ross,

    Reckon no longer services older sunsetted versions of the Reckon Accounts Business desktop software. We have been actively contacting and educating customers who have been affected, providing them with advice on the appropriate course of action to remain supported. We are also assisting customers with the transitioning across to newer supported versions, including data migration and receiving heavily discounted offers.

    Did the team go through some options with you on your call?

  • rossco69rossco69 Member Posts: 2

    No they just said to post here and gave me no options.

    As i payed for software which is working fine and doesn't need upgrades i cannot see why I should have to upgrade.

    You dont buy a car then 17 years later are told you cannot use it anymore.

    All i want is to be able to use the software I payed for.

    I think this type of action is against the law to force users to upgrade.

    I am very disappointed with reckon for there actions.



  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,247 Community Manager

    Hi Ross,

    A member of our team will give you a call shortly today to discuss some options with you.

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    @rossco69 Another point is that the 2003 version is no longer legally compliant so software providers are unable to continue providing/supporting non-compliant products - This is a Government-imposed requirement to consider.

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