Upgrade 10/02/21 - Employees Tab in Payroll and Contacts Centre Completely Missing

CatherineMacPheeCatherineMacPhee Member Posts: 4

Good Morning after spending Thursday and Friday last week absolutely frustrated at the lack of communication instigated from Reckon one not advising update and the possibilty that it may affect some users!!! and then in turn the update ensuring my Employees Tab in Payroll and Contacts centre has completely disappeared - thus making doing pays in a "work around" way is totally untenable, then to logon this morning to find it still has not been resolved is just wrong. After 10 + phone calls and loads or repeated discussions Thursday and Friday I am left with not a whole lot of confidence in the Reckon One system I have been operating and its still not fixed!!!!

When will my problem be Resolved?

When will Reckon get some semblence of communication with members?

Will I be reimbursed the 12 hour day I did Thursday solely because of this issue?




  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,247 Community Manager

    Hi @CatherineMacPhee

    I'm really sorry to hear you've had a rough experience following the recent update to Reckon One last week. Our contacts area in Reckon One has gone through a major overhaul and update with the overall aim to be much easier to use and also provide more value in terms of functionality in workflow.

    Unfortunately, we did experience a few unforeseen issues after the rollout of the update which certainly was not part of the plan. The majority of issues have been worked through and are resolved. Our teams are now currently working on ironing out the last remaining issue which relates to the migration of permissions. The good news is, a potential fix is being tested as we speak and pending the results of that, it should be not far off from being released.

    I'll confirm with you again as soon as that happens. Apologies again for all the hassle and inconvenience this has caused for you so far. I'll get back to you with more info on this as soon as I receive word from our devs.


  • CatherineMacPheeCatherineMacPhee Member Posts: 4

    Thanks Rav for touching base with me on this issue.

    Sadly the Reckon Team has made no contact with me AT ALL since Friday and other than my leaving my post this morning and in turn you replying their has been NO communication from Reckon..pretty pathetic.. It begs to wonder if I hadnt left a post would I still be in the dark????

    So from my perspective Customer Service is non exsistent....

    Clearly systems, procedures and protocols are not meeting members needs at all.



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