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Thumbs down for online documentation and community software

TrevorWTrevorW Member Posts: 3

Reckon you're going from bad to worse to appalling

I'm trying to update from Accounts desktop 2020 to 2021 - your online documentation is virtually unreadable and tells me how to upgrade every other version than anything in the last 10 years

So I thought I would come to the community for a simple guide - wrong - you've updated that software and now I've got to create a new account.

Can't even search and find any articles on the upgrade.



  • Kris_WilliamsKris_Williams Member Posts: 1,798 ✭✭✭

    What exactly is the problem?

  • TrevorWTrevorW Member Posts: 3

    The upgrade documentation is virtually unfathomable, in the end I think I followed the instructions for upgrading from Accounts 2008 that was buried somewhere in the middle of the documentation.

    Additionally, on the old forum there would have been an announcement regarding the release where people would've replied and asked questions etc, If there was one in this new forum (or updated forum) I can find it regardless of the search terms that I used.

  • LukeLuke Moderator, Reckon Staff Posts: 233 Moderator

    Hi Trevor

    Apologies if you have found the installation & upgrade guide confusing.

    To confirm, in case you're looking at old or incorrect documentation, the current guide can be found here:

    As you're upgrading from 2020, you only need to follow instructions under "Installation Reckon Accounts". Once you have followed those instructions, it's just a matter of opening your 2020 data file by going to File --> Open or Restore Company.

    I hope this helps and if you need any further advice or assistance please let me know.

  • TrevorWTrevorW Member Posts: 3

    That is the documentation that I was looking at, if you read that document the Installing Reckon Accounts is under the heading New Users - nowhere does it say "...and if you are upgrading from 2020", instead you have a section titled Existing Users with multiple upgrade instructions for every other version you ever made.

    Anyway I got it upgraded, rant over.

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