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Entering wages without hours and hourly rate

DRussellDRussell Member Posts: 11

We use the app as a self employed, with no set hours - just a gross wage based on the week's invoice.

How do I enter straight forward figures only - Gross, Tax, Super - as I did with the original STP app.

The new app seems to dictate that I enter hours and an hourly rate. Is there a workaround here please?

It seems I can't just edit these field.


  • percentage_catchpercentage_catch Member Posts: 1

    I have the same problem!

    we pay based on a % of our catch.

    I WILL HAVE TO USE THE OLD APP until the end of the financial year and might have to find a new reporting app if this one wont give the option of entering figures manually.

  • KGC76KGC76 Member Posts: 1

    I too am having the same problem.

    Wonder if we can go back to the old STP to finish the 20/21financial year

  • DRussellDRussell Member Posts: 11

    I have found another payroll product - Microkeeper, that allows to enter as required. Free for 1 employee - not sure cost for larger entities.

  • redmanredman Member Posts: 13

    Have you started to use Microkeeper yet? Is is another app based platform? Might have to also look into something else as this new Reckon platform is a MAJOR headache! Does anyone else know of other good, straightforward payroll products? Im not sure why they changed from the previous STP...? If it aint broke......

  • DRussellDRussell Member Posts: 11
    edited June 2021

    Microkeeper is web based + has an app I believe. I've just discovered too, that Reckon are stopping entering pay dates after 1 Jul, so it appears that even if the pay period falls within June - you can't enter a date after 30 June as the pay date. Makes it difficult to finish the financial year?

    @Rav is there a solution please to entering a payrun that is for a period still in June but payment dates will be July. This is not creating a pay run for the new tax period but completing the current tax year?

    Additionally if there is a solution with the new free app tool, to enter pay as a lump figure and not hourly with an hourly rate, please advise so I can continue using Reckon.

    Thank you

  • DRussellDRussell Member Posts: 11

    Have been playing further with the new app and having read other comments in community, have found by creating my own titled "Earning Item", can enter the wage figure as a whole number and the hourly rate as 1 - the wage payment calculates as expected and can submit as normal.

  • ClareClare Member Posts: 7

    @DRussell have you found that the tax and super calculate correctly when you use this workaround? I too need a solution to be able to enter a weekly or fortnightly amount rather than an hourly rate. Thanks!

  • DRussellDRussell Member Posts: 11

    Hi yes, ran the figures in my manual worksheet first to confirm and all matched up.

  • ClareClare Member Posts: 7

    Great, thanks @DRussell !

  • pipwarnerpipwarner Member Posts: 6

    Thank you so much @DRussell for your advice on submitting a fortnighly / monthly wage.

  • Eileen LeonardEileen Leonard Member Posts: 1

    can someone tell me the steps to take to enable me to enter a wage payment without an hourly rate please

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