EOFY reporting

MarjoMarjo Member Posts: 2

I posted on this topic before. Here is a more detailed account:

I lodged a pay run on 24th June which was successfully lodged. I then created an EOFY pay run on 27th June where I did not have to pay any of my employees, but just to create the payment summaries. The totals on each employee were all ok, so I lodged it and it was successful. Now when I look back on that EOFY pay run it shows the lodgement date, the number of employees, but total gross shows -, and total PAYG shows - as well.

When I then look on each individual employee and click on their payment summaries 2019-2020 shows up, 2021-2022 shows up, but 2020-2021 is nowhere to be found.

What have I done wrong and how can I correct this?


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