Any list of upcoming new features?

Mike1234Mike1234 Member Posts: 2

Just talking to the Reckon office and they mentioned a big update to POS was coming soon. Is there a list of upcoming features that might be included?


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,660 Community Manager

    Hi Mike,

    We've got a game changer in the works at the moment which we're putting the finishing touches on. Its a couple of weeks away but we'll have more info as we get closer so stay tuned.

  • Mike1234Mike1234 Member Posts: 2

    Awesome. Yes, I had a look at the POS software today, and from what I can see it doesn't quite have what I need for use in my restaurant. I've looked at a lot of POS solutions over the years, and I appreciate it's difficult to include options to suit every purpose. Having said that, I was happily surprised when I saw Reckon POS is so flexible. A lot of software locks the user into specific hardware, or has arduous setup processes. I look forward to see what new features are introduced.

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