Hi i had the ATO call me to tell me i am using the incorrect branch number when reporting pay run

  • Hi i need to change my branch number to 003 and when i do i cant send my file to Gov connect. i get this message " An error occurred submitting single touch payroll details to the API." When i take the 003 back out of the field in setting it will work. How can i change my branch number to comply with the ATO?
  • Peter.

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    Hi @peter24468

    I've flicked a reply to your other post.



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    @peter24468 Please note you may have lodged this post in an unrelated discussion category. There is a separate thread for Reckon GovConnect product category.

    In any case I am not a user of the product but my hunch is you may have to get a new Software ID if you are changing the Branch number.

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