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I migrated to the new STP app in July. I'm having trouble trying to finalise 2021 EOY. The old app shows a number of entries for 2021 - all sent to ATO and accepted. If I try to finalise 2021 EOY in the old app, the menu item for finalising EOY does appear (only New pay run or New adjustment). If I go into the new app, the only years that appear are 2020 and 2022. How do I process EOY if it doesn't let me in the old app and the new app doesn't have any of the data in it for 2021?


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    Hi @FMGA

    Just to clarify and confirm, you have successfully migrated your information from the old STP app to the new Payroll App already, correct?

    If so, then its best to now leave the STP app aside and focus solely on the Payroll App.

    From what you've described so far, it sounds like you're using older versions of the app so the first thing I'd recommend you do is go into your app store and download the update for the Payroll App. The current version is v2.12.16.

    Once that has been done, follow the steps listed below to finalise your 2020/21 EOFY -

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