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Hi - I tried the tips given in the link provided in response to my recent discussion on getting the 'something went wrong' message when trying to migrate to the new Payroll App. Employee and Company details are all okay. I think the problem might be that there is an Open but Inactive Reckon One Book. My business is a very small business with one casual employee and no work during COVID lockdowns. I initially paid a monthly fee, but changed to using the free app option to simply enter payroll data. Is it possible to delete the old Reckon One Book (which contains no data) or is there some other way that I can get the new Reckon Payroll App to work? Thanks, SJW

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    No worries @SJW, we'll get there. I've flicked a reply to the other post you've created and I'll close this one just so everything is in the one place.



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    @SJW Looks like you might need assistance from Reckon support team. However, if you want to Deactive the Reckon One Book there is some suggestion in the attached video and that might overcome the issue of not being able to start the new Payroll app.

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    Hi @SJW

    Can I grab the ABN that you're trying to migrate over to the Payroll App please, I'll take a look at what's happening on my end.

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    Hi Rav, I couldn't deactivate the book as suggested in the post above - I think, because the book is already inactive, but still possibly open. My ABN is 831 453 290 58. I entered that in the comment section of my initial post discussion post too. I started both a question and a discussion post because I wasn't sure which to use. As you can see, I'm a newbie at the computer side of things and need all the help I can get! Thanks, SJW

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