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Useless product

Tony Hansen
Tony Hansen Member Posts: 4
edited May 20 in Reckon Elite

I've been running reckon elite on the same laptop for years and now all of a sudden it won't install update as it says I need windows 7 or newer.

The laptop has Windows 7 and always has done.

The firewalls are not on and there is no virus software.

Lodge a ticket with support and they close it without a solution.

Anyone got any ideas apart from going to a new provider?


  • Luke
    Luke Moderator, Reckon Staff Posts: 224 Moderator

    Hi Tony,

    Sorry to hear you had issues installing Elite.

    It looks like Geoff from our Elite Support team contacted you yesterday and successfully resolved your issue.

    If you ever need further support please feel free to submit a ticket via MyAPS or contact the Elite team via phone, our support team is always here to assist you and help resolve your issues.


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