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STP and Allowances
I Haven't started STP yet I am just trying to make sure I have all pay and allowances correct can anyone tell me what allowances need to ...
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Hosted Hassles
Just changed to Reckon Hosted...not sure I am liking it . The way it prints from Reckon is annoying . Not happy with the way it emails th...
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Tax Codes for BAS and IAS ?
Is there a list anywhere of what tax codes should be selected for IAS & BAS eg W1 W2 etc It seems when I updated to latest version all my...
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Single Touch Payroll
When I rang Reckon Support today after about 10 minutes of explaining what Single Touch Payroll was to the support person who answered my...
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Unpaid leave
How do I process a full weeks leave without pay for an employee(who is paid hourly, not salaried)? I am using Reckon Accounts Premier 201...
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