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ABA History Gone
Online Banking - ABA File History not working  ????? - cannot retrieve any files and need to redo payment and send to bank - have 50 cred...
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Match Transactions
When I match transactions using the ONLINE BANKING function, sometimes there's one entry I need to go away and check. There's only CANCEL...
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merging supplier
I am trying to Merge a supplier but Reckon will not let me - it comes up with the error message 'you cant merge these names becuase there...
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I am currently running Reckon Accounts 2013 running on XP operating system - yes I know it is old but it worked very well.  Now have just...
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cheque deposits
The cheque that we receive from our customer, if we deposits the cheque to our bank a/c then what will be its journal entry?? The Bank...
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Invoice Fraud
Curious to know, last week I emailed a new customer an invoice - the invoice went to their junk email - but the invoice had been changed,...
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