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Please just build a report when I ask. Not after every time I press "Save".
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There's two schools of thought on this.

a)  if you've memorised a report that will work immediate with the right dates and filtering criteria,  then I agree, avoiding the 2nd question to save,  would be great.  And you can set your preferences to do that

b)  Some reports can't be memorised specifically as needed.   For instance,  doing a P&L report for 'last month'  is fine,  if you run that report AFTER the month in question, so that your filtering rules present the immediate answer you desire.  But if you run that report, say on the last day of the month, to have bit of a preliminary look at what the report thinks is 'last month',   then you're up for a time-waiting exercise.    You'd have to wait until the wrong (prior) month gets all calculated,  which for anybody having squillions of transactions will be a while.  Then you get the chance to temporarily modify the date range to say:  "this month'   to get the premature result you wanted.

You can't have (a) and (b) catered for at the same time.  The  SAVE preference,  caters for scenario (a),  but if you have more reports of type (b),  then you'd want to DISABLE the SAVE function.

The setting I refer to (Assuming you are running Accounts DESKTOP,  or Reckon Accounts Hosted:  

EDIT -->  Preferences  -->  Reports and Graphics ......  that TICK BOX at the top:
"Prompt me to modify report options before opening report"

You've probably got it TICKED,  and if you want to run scenario (b),  then UNTICK that option.

CAVEAT:  Be really sure you check the FILTERS and DATE ranges on every report you ever run AFTER changing this,  because it will just use the settings you originally setup for the memorised report.  IE:  Todayt is the 4th Feb 2018,  and if the report was hard wired to be 1/1/18 thru 31/1/18,  then it will be always reporting JAN.  But if it was set to "last month" and provided you actually run such a report with the following month of interest (like today for instance,   then you'd get JAN results,  and on say 7th March,  you'd get Feb results,  because the report will remember that you want the 'last month'  RELATIVE to the actual time you request the report.

For my 2-bobs worth,  I used to run UNTICKED for years and it drove me mad having it the OTHER way to what you want.   But I run a real variety of KPI reports and analytical things that I need to check  the filters/ranges with.  Everyone is different

Hope this helps!


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